Funeral Moon

by Funeral Moon

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  • Funeral Moon//Self-titled
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Debut release from Australian raw black metallers, Funeral Moon.

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Debut release from then black metal trio. Raw, aggressive, hate-filled.


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Funeral Moon Adelaide, Australia



EST. 2012.


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Track Name: Suffocated By Fog
Suffocated by fog

Over there, in the hills
Hidden from eyes bloodshot with rage
A fire burns invisible
To all but me

Take me away
I’ll ask no more
Just this last gift
The sweet caress of death
I am free

You do not exist for you are in the flames
Ashes returning to eternity
To come again as the fog that suffocates

Blind, given over, returned to the source from which all came
Thoughts are but a passing flash of pain that evaporates
Moments are seamless
I am free
Track Name: Winter Raises The Specter Of The Ending
Winter raises the specter of the ending

Rain, fog, depression, the cold, you
In the clouds this is the season of doom

In this dark dark place
My soul is unborn
I withdraw
You disappear

Cursed by our pasts
Haunted by the spirits
Run away from this hell
While you’ve still got the will to live

Let this be the last winter
Let this be the last white lie ever told

Water cascades down the hillside
Taking all sentiment
Everything in this world and everything else in this world

I will not struggle against this flow
I will not struggle anymore
Track Name: The Forest Alight With Communal Mourning And Regeneration
The forest alight with communal mourning and regeneration

Sacramental liquids flow to the centre
Blood and dust shared between us brethren
Time immemorial we were destined to be here
As we were before

The days of torment left to rot in the sun
While the funeral moon cleanses what is now dead

We pray in darkness that these souls heal to rise again
There is no end
There is no fucking end

Where our memories came from we couldn’t care
Echoes on the breeze whisper we were once there

Deep breathes before we drown the night
Spells cast before the morning light

While the funeral moon shines on another dead day
Cleanse me funeral moon
Track Name: Behead The Worm
Behead the worm

Eons of men have given their lives for the word
All have failed
Humankind’s twilight is nearing the end

Signs of worship testament to our folly
False humility
The temples crumble without thought

Our books give no insight for the coming days
We are lost
Burn them to stave off the cold, wow

Wisdom now a common whore
Infected with your hollow view
Vessel of disease

Slimy beings crawl the streets
Hungry for lies on which you feed
Get a taste of a soothing tongue
Messiah in the art of persuasion
Suck on it, don’t let go
You’ve caught the worm

Behead the worm
Behead the worm
Behead the worm
Behead the worm